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  • Concept

    The King’s Garden is an exclusive development that offers a high-end residential complex with 44 apartments and a 5-star hotel with both deluxe rooms and suites. An elegant open air piazza, complete with restaurants and boutiques, separates the hotel and residential towers. A spa, pool, gym and conference room are included in the hotel design and available for use by residents. Parking is designed for 128 vehicles and is available for purchase or daily use by residents and hotel guests.

    Both hotel and residences are accessed via one of the city’s oldest streets. Owners will be part of a very select community and will enjoy access to all hotel facilities.

    Benefiting from detailed design, expansive views and generous outdoor spaces complete with restaurants and bars, the King’s Garden Residence offers an unparalleled dwelling at an unmatched address.

    Our Promise

    • Highest possible quality in everything we do
    • Attention to detail
    • Availability 24/7 to respond to your requests
    • A friendly and cheerful welcome whenever you come home

    History and Location

    King’s Garden Residence is prominently located above the historical core of Old Tbilisi on Mirza Shafi Street, which is one of the city’s oldest streets and near where legend says the City of Tbilisi was founded in the mid5th century.

    The site is adjacent to the main entrance to Tbilisi’s famed National Botanical Garden, filled with a wide variety of local flora, several waterfalls and beautiful paths to explore.